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Hello and welcome. A little about me. I got my start in DJing back in 1987 in Hawaii.

Like many DJs back then, I started out doing mobile, spinning an eclectic mix of music representative of Hawaii’s diverse races and cultures. Back then in Hawaii, it wasn’t uncommon for a set to include everything from Stevie B, Seduction, and Bobby Brown to Two Live Crew, Kool Mo Dee, Alpha Blondie, and Gregory Isaacs. Back then, I had to use a stopwatch to calculate BPMs on every record I played. Back then, I paid $12 for imports of a single song… flew to another island to buy records because there was no record store on mine… built my own turntable coffin… learned to remix from watching a beta max of Cameron Paul cutting and splicing tape from a multi-track… I was 13 years old then, and I miss every second of it.

Nonetheless, I have been truly blessed that my non-music professional life as an economist, internet entrepreneur, blogger, web developer, and web marketer has taken me all over the world, allowing me to stay in touch with my DJ roots with occasional guest DJ sets at various clubs. I have also been fortunate to cross paths with extremely talented, intelligent, and inspirational people. From Hawaii, to Boston, to Singapore, and LA… Been there. Done that. Twice.

From 2007 to 2009, I produced the #1 Party Mix genre Internet radio show on (and top 10 in the Hip-Hop and Top-40 genres). Gave it up to focus more on remix and original music production, occasionally grabbing top spots in the charts at DJ remix sites like Currently, laser-focused on developing DJ-centric web projects such as FREAKONOMIX and DJFlyer, as well as larger scale social networking sites, such as .ONOMIX. I also develop websites on contract for various small companies around the USA and have many years of experience in web marketing and analytics consulting to the hotel industry. As a way of giving back to the community, I have been a Big Brother volunteer since 2006 (highly recommended to anyone interested:

I pride myself on always exhibiting high integrity, professionalism, meticulousness, and intellectual rigor in everything I do: music, work, life, love, friendship, and family.

Thanks for dropping by to learn more about me.

May our paths cross.

aka Doc DJ

For Event Bookings/Remix Work/Radio Shows/Web and Mobile Development, use the contact form below or call:

(501) GO DOC DJ
(501) 463-6235

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